Material Preparation and Device Fabrication

◆Thermal Evaporator (for Metal and Organic Materials)

◆Glove Box

◆Spin Coater


◆Oxygen Plasma

◆UV Light Curing Systems

◆Hot Plate


◆Schlenk Line

◆Rotary Evaporator

◆Vacuum Oven

◆Circulating Vacuum Pump

◆Tube Furnace

◆Mass Flow Controllers & Meters


◆Solar Simulator

◆QE/IPCE Measurement

◆Light-Emitting Diode Measurement System

◆Low Temperature System (Down to 77 K)

◆Source Meter

◆Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

◆Probe Station

◆Steady-State and Transient Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

◆Steady-State Absorption Spectroscopy

◆Impedance Spectroscopy

◆Optical Microscope

◆Four Point Probe Resistivity Measurement System