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Riichiro Saito (齋藤 理一郎)
Yushan Fellow Chair Professor
Department of Physics, College of Science,
National Taiwan Normal University, 国立台湾師範大学
Yushan Fellow Programs: From 2023.11.1 to 2026.10.31
Room A114, Gongguan Campus, NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan
Schedule in 2024:
Mar 10 - Mar 30, Apr 24 - May 9, Sep 8 - Oct 5, Nov 21 - Dec 21
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Web page @ Tohoku Univ. for more information. flex.phys.tohoku.ac.jp will be closed in 2025.3. After that you can see the web page @ Tohoku Univ. at cmpt-serv.phys.tohoku.ac.jp.

r.saito.sendai _at_ gmail.com